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2011 Saignée de Pinot Noir

This is our first year bottling a Saignée de Pinot Noir purely from the Santa Lucia Highlands appellation. It is a true rosé made from our freshly pressed Pinot Noir grapes, the result of a classic Burgundian technique developed to produce highly-concentrated Pinot Noirs.

As the grapes are being crushed we bleed off a small percentage of the juice before it has a chance to absorb much color from the grape skins. For the juice that is left in the fermenter, this means a better juice to skin ratio resulting in a Pinot with more intense color and structure. The barely colored juice we obtain is then fermented to dryness providing us with a delicious, light and fruity rosé.

The Bernardus 2011 Saignée is an absolutely delicious wine. The color is a bright, very pale ruby. The aromas are classic with delicate scents of red berries and rose pedal. The palate is crisp and refreshing with flavors of raspberry and cherry which linger on the long, succulent finish. A perfect wine for light summer cuisine!

100% Santa Lucia Highlands:
Rosella’s, Sierra Mar, Soberanes, Tondré, Fairview and Paraiso.

Cold fermented in the coolest cellar in the winery to retain its fresh, fruity character.

Case Production:
367 cases

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