Veraison Club

Shipments in March, May and October

Noun (Vay,-ray-zawn)

Veraison: French term for the point during the grape maturation process, when unripe grapes change color from green to purple or translucent green, and their sugar content begins to increase.  In many regions, the actual time of the harvest can be determined in relation to when verasion occurs.

Mixed: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir $150-$220

All White: Chardonnay $150-$220

All Red: Pinot Noir OR our Marinus Bordeaux Blend $175-$350

  • 25% off purchases of wine and merchandise in the Bernardus Tasting Room (sale items excluded).
  • Free reserve or standard wine tasting for up to 6 people at the Bernardus Tasting Room.
  • Members only sales and special offers.
  • Three shipments per year of our new releases and other exceptional bottlings.  Shipments will comprise of 6 bottles.
  • $15.00 flat rate shipping for wine club shipment
  • Once you select your club level, we will call or email you to find out if you want to receive mixed, all white or all red (select between Pinot Noir OR Marinus).

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