Marinus Vineyard

Bernardus owns 210 acres in the Cachagua region of the upper Carmel Valley on two sites. The Marinus vineyard comprises 36 acres.

Of the 36 acres, 25 acres are planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, 9 acres to Merlot, 1 acre to Cabernet Franc and 1 acre to Petit Verdot. 

Carmel Valley is surrounded by the ridges of the Santa Lucia Mountains. Cachagua Valley is a sun-trap, a "bow|" in a high elevation that is shielded from the coastal fog and ideal for growing Bordeaux-style grapes. 

The daily temperatures vary from over 100° F. during the day to 50° F. during the night. The geographic "bowl” effect traps the heat during the day while elevation and ocean proximity produce cool nights. This unique microclimate creates a prolonged growing season allowing full flavor development of the fruit while on the vine.

Marinus vineyard soils are varied. They range from clay loam to sandy loam. The vineyard is divided into 15 diverse "blending blocks" each producing grapes with distinct and varied flavors.


Total Acreage: 210 acres
Varietals: 25 acres Cabernet Sauvignon, 7 acres Merlot, 1 acre Malbec, 1 acre Petit Verdot, 2 acres Cabernet Franc
Geography: 13 miles east of the Pacific Ocean
Climate: Sunny inland climate moderated by marine influences
Soil: Fine sandy loam to clay loam underlain at 3 feet with sandstone
Layout: Vines 3.5 feat apart, Rows 7 feet apart, 1,550-1, 778 vines per acre, Slopes 5% to 15%
Cultivation: Yields about 1.5 to 2.5 tons per acre.



Planted in 1990, the Marinus vineyard lies on rolling hills with an elevation of 1200 feet. Close vine spacing is matched to the soil potential of each block or section. The vines are vertically trellised and careful attention is given to the orientation of the different varieties based on their individual characteristic needs.

Each block produces unique qualities derived from the soil and microclimate. The health and balance of the vineyard are maintained as part of the natural environment. This results in the least possible use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers.


Each vintage of Marinus represents the artistic interpretation of the vineyard cultivation along with the flavor elaboration in the winemaking process. A blend of Bordeaux varitetais, Marinus is the signature Bernardus wine from the Carmel Valley estate vineyard.